The roofing material will be loaded on the roof.  The old shingles will be removed and disposed of in a dumpster. Your landscaping will be protected with tarps.

Once the roof is tore off we’ll inspect the decking for any bad or rotten wood and replace it.

We also re-nail the decking if needed. It’s not uncommon for nails to work loose. When the deck is prepared new felt paper will be installed, this is another barrier to protect your house and helps with insulation.

The air vents will be assessed to make sure your house has proper ventilation, this is a very important part of the roof. Poor ventilation can cause mold and moisture which over time will cause the roof to fail.

The new shingles will then be installed.

If your house has a chimney, we inspect that and install new heavy aluminium flashing around the base. If needed we install new counter flashing on the chimney too. Pipe collars, air vents, drip edge are also all replaced with new ones.

Once the roof is completed we will clean your gutters, ground etc. A magnet will be used to pick up any nails that fall on the ground, we use ground tarps too to keep as much trash and nails off your lawn as possible.

We’ll leave your property looking as clean as when we started the job.