Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What’s the best type of shingle to put on my house?

Architectural shingles are far superior to the old 3 tabs that are still available. They seal down better and there’s no cut out for water to find a way in.

What flat roof material do you recommend?

We use EPDM rubber which comes in 10 foot sections and is glued to a fiber board. Less seams and is a durable material. Excellent for flat roofs, or roofs with a very low pitch

How long does a roof last in the Ozarks?

Our area in Missouri is very hard on roofs with our extremes in climate. 3 tab shingles last 15 to 20 years, have seen roofs go bad in as few as 10. Architectural shingles last 25+ years.

What about trash from a tear off?

We will have a dumpster set on your project and clean up all nails, shingle pieces, felt paper etc. and have it taken away to the dump.

Do I need to buy the material myself?

No, we’ll supply the material and no payment will be expected until the job is complete.

Why should you choose BG Roofing

Because we are very experienced, do the work ourselves, no sub contractors, and take pride in our work treating each job as if it were our own house

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