Roof Replacement Springfield MO

Need a new roof in the Springfield Missouri area ?

A new roof brightens up your home and increases curb appeal and increases the value of your home. Architectural shingles are also referred to as dimensional, laminate, or composite shingles. Asphalt architectural shingles are a sound choice to protect you and the contents of your home from the wonderful Missouri weather.

Why would I consider replacing my roof and when ?

10 Reasons to use Architectural Shingles for your New Roof

  1. They are one of the highest quality roofing systems available today. 
  2. Asphalt shingles have a blend of granules which are crushed rock or ceramic material and provide a barrier to protect the asphalt from the sun and weather elements.
  3. The granules also offer more fire protection than alternative roofing systems like wood shake.
  4. We use Owens Corning shingles which are rated for 120 mph winds, older style 3 tab shingles are only 60 to 80.
  5. Provides better insulation and protects from weather conditions, hail, snow, heat, ice, rain, and strong winds
  6. Provide a much longer life span than older style 3 tab or cedar shingles
  7. Stronger adhesives so much so we either had to cut them with our tear off shovels or a hook blade to separate them. There’s no way wind will cause you to lose one or two shingles.
  8. Architectural shingles provide a more dimensional look
  9. The color blends add extra contrast and aesthetic appeal to your home
  10. 50 percent thicker shingles more than older style 3 tab on architectural shingles


How do I know when my roof needs to be replaced?

Over time granule loss is something to look for when deciding it’s time to replace the roof. One way for a homeowner to check without getting on the roof is to inspect the gutters for granules after a heavy rain. If the gutter is full of granules it’s time to call a professional to inspect the roof and give a recommendation.

Simply check the downspouts on the ground for granules present in the splash block or on the ground so you don’t have to put a ladder up.  Also look for color differences on the roof. The shingles will appear darker where granule loss is occurring.

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