Roof Maintenance – Battlefield MO

BG Roofing also offers an annual roof maintenance for the Battlefield MO area. We aim to keep your roof functioning as it should and to address any problems we observe. 

Two people standing beside a bg roofing company pickup truck in front of a house after servicing roof maintenance work.

Our roofing maintenance service for Battlefield and Springfield MO includes:

Gutter Cleaning

We will clean and remove all debris from your house’s gutters and dispose of leaves, sticks, etc. it is important to keep the gutters free from obstructions so they function as they were designed to. If gutters are full of leaves water can back up and cause damage to the decking under the shingles. This can be a costly repair if not addressed and rot the facia board behind the gutter.


Includes a thorough inspection of the shingles. We will be looking for any cracks,loss of granules, or poor installation issues. Generally these can be repaired without replacing shingles. If shingles do need to be replaced this will be considered a repair and a written estimate will be given and no work will be done until we get the ok from the homeowner. However, this is not normally needed unless the roof has wind or hail damage, both are covered by insurance and we’ll work with your adjuster for you if it’s needed.

High Nails

A common problem we come across doing repairs and tear offs are high nails ( nails that stick up causing leaks over time, generally caused by hitting cracks between the decking boards during installation). Part of the roof inspection will include addressing the high nails, removing them and sealing the hole and shingle down with high quality roof caulk. 2 tubes are included with the maintenance program, over a $20 value.

Roof Inspection

We will inspect the entire roof for any potential problems. Sometimes roofs can be leaking and not show damage inside the house until it’s a major issue.

Pipe Collars

Quite a few of our roofing repair calls are due to the pipe flashing collars cracking, or splitting, sometimes on roofs only 5 to 10 years old. We’ll seal around all the pipe collars whether cracked or not giving you extra protection against this causing leaks.

Chimney and Skylight Flashing

This service also includes a thorough inspection of the flashing on chimneys and skylights and will address minor problems if we observe them. These are also common areas where roof leaks occur.

What are the signs that I have a roof leak?

There’s obvious signs like a drip leaving a puddle on your floor or over your bed, we’ve done a few repairs and found that was where the leak was. Also look for stains on the ceilings, don’t forget to check closets. You can also get up in the attic during a hard rain to check for leaks or darkening of your roof sheathing (wood). Sometimes a roof could have been leaking awhile with no visible signs inside the home. Insulation can soak up quite a bit before it shows inside.If you do inspect the attic also look for stains or depressions in the insulation. If you notice any of these signs, call a professional roofer to address the problem and repair the roof.

What can I do to extend the life of my roof in Springfield, MO?

Proper ventilation is one of the key factors in making sure the roof lasts as long as it should. If your roof doesn’t have proper air flow from low to high, soffit vents low, stationary vents, wind turbines, or power vents near the peak there won’t be proper air flow. Stationary vents provide enough ventilation if there’s one installed for every 300 square foot of attic space. However, there’s really no such thing as too much ventilation if you choose to put wind turbines or power vents in. If there isn’t, moisture can build up and cause structural damage and may even eventually leak inside of your house. It’s also a good idea to have a professional roofer inspect the roof as often as once a year. He can make sure there’s no potential problems due to not enough ventilation and inspect the entire roof for any other potential problems.Doing this will insure you get the full life expectancy from your roof. We offer a maintenance program to give you peace of mind.

Honest opinion

We’ll give you an honest opinion on the condition of your roof, and won’t recommend replacing it unless it really needs to be done.

Architectural shingles can last 20 to 30 years in the Midwest, but due to extreme weather conditions sometimes don’t. We’ll also give you an idea of how many years you can expect your roof to last before replacement is necessary.

No contract that will lock you into this service. We will invoice you after the above services are provided. We will then contact you the following year to see if you’d like your gutters cleaned and the maintenance provided again.

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